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Thanks a broad. I posted my soup recipe in the recipe section for you:
I don't have much experience making up recipes, but I guess you have to start somewhere.

MsJulia, in my "weight journal" or "body log" I keep track of a few things. I weigh in once a week, so on Saturdays, I record my weight. I want to start recording my measurements once a month, I just haven't gotten myself to take that step yet. On a daily basis, I keep track of my water, what I eat and when, and how many minutes and what kind of exercise I did that day. Sometimes I will jot down a quote that inspires me or cut out a picture and paste it in there. Mainly, I use it to keep myself inspired. So on the weeks I don't lose weight, I can look back and see where I slipped up or keep myself encouraged by the improvements I've managed to make over time and the other non-scale victories (as they call them) that I've made.
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