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Good morning, Chickies~~

Well, stepped on the scale and it had the audacity to move UP so my net loss for December was ONE pound! Today will be devoted to drinking lots and lots of water and seeing if I can flush some of this stuff.

Kryss, IKWYM about the Christmas goodies...there's a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts about 6' away that I've deliberately left sealed...they will be a treat for when I can comfortably zip up a size 12 pair of jeans, but today they will go in the freezer.

Ruth, glad your dinner party was a rousing success....dinner here was simple; grilled steaks, onions n' shrooms, and snap peas. Very tasty, too.

Yesterday was too much fun with my knitting buddies. I stayed under budget and bought some new sock needles, some purple sock yarn (for moi) and lusted over some cashmere and silk lace yarn. I did very, very well on the cake, no brownies, no cookies...even though they were there to tempt me. I drank water and ate hummus with ww crackers, a few carrot sticks with spinach dip and a couple slices of smoked cheddar cheese.

Plans for today besides drink water: play with wool...I need to do some dyeing.

Hope all you chickies have a wonderful day on the Beach!

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