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starting over again......
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Hello everyone… are you all doing?

Well, things were eventful for us around here. Tommy and I went and spent about an hour and a half in the local hospitals emergency triage area. He was changing the oil in the car, and took out the pole in the jack and was using a set of pliers to turn it. Well, the speed of the pliers was a lot faster then he thought. Because he put a nice sized hole in his hand (for a visual, hold up one of your hands and look at the fatty part in between your thumb and forefinger), it was a through and through cut, so they couldn’t do much. They gave him some powerful antibiotics and gave him a tetanus shot since it has been a looooooong time since he got one. He has a script for Augmentin and Vicodin, so we will be going and getting those filled on Thursday.

Thankfully my sister Robyn was staying with us. She watched Brandon while I went with Tommy to the hospital. I walked in to get her food order since we hadn’t eaten yet. He stopped crying and was putting his arms up to me. She looked at me and said “thank God you are home. He has been like this since you left.” He ate only about a third of his fruit, and just screamed the rest of the time. She tried playing with him with his peek-a-blocks, she tried him in the walker, she even put on cartoons for him, he wanted nothing to do with it! She put on country music when we went to go get food. Came home and walked in, she was walking around the living room with Brandon on her hip with smooth lite romantic music on. He saw me and Tommy and started screaming.
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