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*sound of clicking needles*

Hi everyone. I put my knitting down to come out and let everyone know I'm still alive! Dbf is off this week and is hogging the computer so it'll be hit or miss for me for a bit.

I am obsessed with getting this knitting thing right. It's so much fun! I urge everyone to give it a try if you need something to do with your hands in the evenings. knitting help is a great place to go for information. (and psst...guys can do it too! )

Christalynn what a beautiful poem! Thank you so much for sharing!

Mike *waves* Hi! Nice to have a rooster in this hen house!

Cyn Big hugs to you and your dad. And many prayers as well! And to your hubby as well on the quitting smoking thing!

Well, we're on a level 2 snow emergency right now (don't go out unless you HAVE to go) and I still have 2 more prezzies to get. *sigh* can you say a little bit of going on? The snow has stopped so I should be able to go out later this evening. Keep your fingers crossed!

See y'all soon!


Oh yeah...did anyone happen to glance at my sig? hmmm??? Look! See if there's anything different there...something like a : or something!
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