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Wink When things are the worst they can be then it can only get better

Good evening everyone! I know alot of us are having a rough time fighting off all the goodies and sticking to a healthy way of life but just remember to keep your focus and dont beat yourself up over a bad day. We didnt get all our bad eating habits in a short time and it is bound to take awhile before we fully get into the swing of things. So shake off the Christmas blues and remeber we always have each other when we hit a rough spot.
Mike Welcome! So happy to have you join us! The more the merrier!
Chrystalynn I loved the poem. Thank you so much for sharing. I truly admire your talent. Dont worry about the allowance points that is what they are for. You are doing great!
Shawn I agree that we should celebrate each loss no matter big or small. Anything beats the scale moving up!
Well, my day was bad too~I didnt over eat but I didnt eat nearly enough. I did have water and some exercise but I know I need to try harder with the points. My dad found out today that his heart is not in good shape at all and I wont depress you with alot of the issue but basically my mind was not on food. Why does everything seem to happen during the holidays? Like I said before I am sure this holiday is going to be hard on all of us but the minute the sleigh flies off my rooftop I am getting very serious about becoming healthy. I was so upset about my Dad I told my hubby he really needed to try to quit smoking. I know I problably have no right to ask him that but I just want my family to take a big interest in their health and well being. I wish I would have grown up being health concious. Anyhow My hubby understands that I am very stressed about my dad and he agreed about how we should be healthier so he is willing to try. Yea! That is all any of us can do~to try. Have a good evening everyone.
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