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Thanks everyone for the support! I needed to hear that. I am ready to get back on track and lose this weight. The funny thing is if I had been on one of the other programs I have tried, at this point I would have given up. Bu with LA I am just ready to get back on track!

Welcome Pam!
I was very skeptical of LA WL at first and was overwhelmed by the price until my counselor broke it down for me and showed me that I would have paid more going to weight watchers. I have never tried anything that works this good. I am telling you, they give you the tools to be successful. I have only lost 8 pounds in 5 weeks but that is more than I was losing doing anything else. I don't like the extra costs that much but it works so I am willing to do it. I get the jello which has 4 servings per package. It lasts me longer than anything else. For 2 boxes it was 32.00. At first I couldn't believe I had spent that on jello, but then I went in to weigh and I had lost 4 pounds! How exciting! Knowing that I have to go and weigh in 3 times a week, mostly keeps me accountable. Do we mess up? Sure we do. We fall off sometimes, but we get right back on. Good luck to you and this group is all here for you!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! I am gonna clean..maybe I will burn a bunch of calories!

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