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Well, I gained 1.5 on Fri. I wasn't expecting that! I also ahve been jogging and I think it was some muscle. I will probably lose that tomorrow plus some.

Welcome, Dee and Pam!

Pam, I know Weightloss centers can be expensive. I just decided I needed LA Weightloss and I don't care how much it costs! I don't buy any extras from them so I am not spending anymore right now. I actually get a military discount so my stuff is 10% off. It helps a little. it really brought down my program costs. I had a counselor who is no longer ther who gave me an awsome deal. I really think it is wort it. You can also fill out a survey on their website and get a coupon.

I go an weigh in 3 times a week even if I think I will gain. I am not going to give up and if I do not follow the program and I gain I know that I need to get back on track! I was losing fast at first but now I am slowing down partly because I am not perfectly on program. If you decide to join LA Wl I think you will love it! Good Luck!

Sharon, thanks for the info. on the snacks and prices! I am going on a trip in July for 2 weeks. My hubby will be checking out a job he will be starting in April 2002. I think it will be a little hard for me to resist snacks so I may stock up on the LA snacks. I liked the cookie I tried. I will be staying with my sister in law. There aren't ant centers there. I hope they open one before i move so i can do my maintance. I think it would just make it much easier on me to have on program snacks when i am at her house.

Marcie, I am sorry your trip was so stressful! if you gain stress could be to blame! I hope you are doing Ok and getting some rest.

Well, I better go now!
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