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I don't think we can respond any better than by providing info directly from the PhytoPharm website, regarding availability, safety, and authenticity of hoodia products from other sources:

There are some other products that claim to contain Hoodia. Are they the same as Phytopharm's product?

Only Phytopharm's patented Hoodia gordonii product is botanically verified to contain pure Hoodia gordonii and has quantified levels of the chemical constituents that produce the anti-obesity effects. Importantly, only Phytopharm's Hoodia gordonii product has had extensive safety studies performed and been clinically proven to reduce calorie intake and body fat. The benefit sharing to the CSIR and the San people is only generated by Phytopharm's patented Hoodia gordonii product.

Does Hoodia gordonii have any side effects?
In the clinical study described above the safety data are consistent with a satisfactory overall safety profile, however further scientific studies are required to establish the safety profile of Hoodia gordonii extract. These are currently ongoing at Phytopharm.

When will the product containing the Hoodia gordonii extract be available?
The necessary clinical trials and other studies to ensure the safety of the extract will take a few years before a product will be available.

Hoodia gordonii is rare, is the source sustainable?
Hoodia gordonii is very rare and is protected by national conservation laws in South Africa and Namibia. It can only be collected or grown with a permit. Wild stocks are also extremely limited so Phytopharm has established plantations over the past 5 years to grow sustainable quantities of Hoodia gordonii exclusively for Phytopharm's product. There is a continuing development programme by Phytopharm to ensure sustainable supplies for Phytopharm's product in the future.
I think that says it all.
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