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Angry Glad to be back!!!

Hey everyone!
Well I am finally back from Indy and what a trip it was. I was in class from 7:30-5:30 2 days a week and until 7:00 the other 2. Sunday night I was at the hotel by myself and there was no restaurant so I had to order pizza for dinner. Then they fed us the most fattening stuff the enire week. I tried to eat salads but it just didn't happen every day. I bet I have gained 5 pounds. I feel so bad and I am so scared to go in a weigh. I just got to hop back on the plan. I did have fruit for breakfast instead of the donuts and breakfast casseroles every morning and I got in my water, but I still blew it. The class was very stressful and this didn't help much. I was so tired the whole time. Anyway it is great to be back. Welcome Dee! Boy I missed chatting with you guys. I wanted to get to a computer and let you know how rough it was. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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