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Thumbs up Delicious dressing and a weight update

This is a two for one post!

First, my weight update: after a week back on Ph1, with a two-slice-of-pizza cheat at the end of the week, I lost three pounds! Hurray! Motivation to stay on Ph1 for another week, that's for sure. : (Yes, I know that there can be no cheats on Ph1, but since I've done Ph1 before and this is a re-start after a long lapse, I figured it would be ok.)

Now about the dressing...

I have finally found a sugar free salad dressing that meets all SBD criteria, and it's AMAZING: "Brianna's French Vinagrette" dressing. I just stumbled across it, it's basically like an oil and vinegar dressing with just a hint of a tangy taste. Oh my gosh! To die for. I bought it at Sobey's here in Canada, but I'd suspect that all of the regular supermarkets in Canada and the US would carry it. If not, I KNOW specialty food stores would have it. I also know you can order it off the 'net -- just googl&e Brianna's salad dressings.

Brianna's has a number of dressings, but this is the ONLY one with NO SUGAR in it. It's the one with the picture of the green artichoke on the bottle.

The ingredient list is: canola oil, white vinegar, apple cidar vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, mustard spice.

SO GOOD, ladies. So good. I use it with feta, romaine and cukes as a greek dressing... with iceberg lettuce and assorted veggies as a nice lite garden salad.... with spinach, toasted almonds and strawberries as a spinach salad. Drooling as we speak.

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