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It is totally ok ti feel the way that you are feeling right now. Everyone has gone through it at one time or another. I am personally going through the exact same thing. I have been struggling with losing 10 pounds forever. One week, i will give it my all and lose 2,3, or even 4 pounds, and then i turn around and slack off the second week and gain it back. Its a vicious cycle that only we have control over. But don't cry about it, everythings going to be alright You will succeed and so will I. Weightloss is a long and agonizing journey that we all can conquer if we just put our minds to it.

So on those days that you feel like giving up just push a little harder.I come find inspirational thoughts on the net and try to incorperate them into my daily thoughts. And my inspirational thought for this week is:Losing weight needs to become more important than food. Kathy i know that you can do it

I my self started my own plan with the help of a dietician. She told me to eat about 1500 calories to start and she gave me a food guide, which breaks down by calorie intake into breakfast, snack, lunch,snack, and dinner. I seems to be working pretty well. I have the same problem with weighinh my self like everyday and i have come to learn that it is not good. I think i am going to start weighing myself once a month. Because when i weigh myself once a week, i see progress and then i start to slip back into my old habits.

Well good luck to you Kathy and keep us posted

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