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The 123 plan and Flex are one in the same. The difference is the Flex averages what we should consume on the average/day at a certain weight. What you can do to still lose weight is divide the Flex points into 5 a day per 7 days a week. So if you were required to eat 26 pts. per day on Flex, add 5 points of Flex per day to make 31 pts. That used to be the max per day on the 123 plan for that weight range. Once you lose weight and go down to 24 pts per day on Flex, continue to add the 5 pts of Flex per day and you get 29; which would be what it was on 123.

The activity pts. are easy to calculate on the points booster based on weight, level of activity, and time spent on the activity. You can also add those pts to your daily target + flex pts. You may lose weight easily doing the above, but may lose less at a time later in the program. In the beginning, you may lose a lot, but your body will adapt. Good luck and I hope I explained it well. Take care.
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