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hello everyone,
I have been doing so great this week on staying op and exercising. My plan is kind of like yours cj. I too have done Atkins and Sugar Busters. I am doing my own thing with both plans put into one. I love my fruit, so I will have an apple or orange or whatever when I first get up, then some eggs or oatmeal, club salad for lunch w/ff italian, and for supper it's meat, yam or brown rice & veggie. If I get the munchies, I have fresh veggie s w/ ranch. or a piece of fruit. It really seems to be working well. Just hope to keep at it. It will be easier now, I quit my job yesterday, I was a working kitchen manager. Around every fattening and deep fried thing imaginable. It was to easy to grab one french frie or onion ring. So i'll have more time to post here. I will have to go job searching soon. Well enough about me, hope you are having an op day...
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