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Losing it!
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The weight gain is probably salt, don't sweat it Cheryl.
CONGRATULATIONS! My, I'm glad I asked you about the relationship! Some women assume when we meet a man and if it is true love, we should just be overwhelmed with passion and lust. I had that in my first marriage (for awhile) and let me tell you, once the passion wore off, it was a HORRIBLE marriage. When I met Steve, he was so different from the type of man I was attracted to, but we developed a very strong friendship which turned into romance, we now have a great relationship on so many levels, I know him and he knows me, we both tend to agree on most things from parenting to moral issues. I love him dearly and part of that love is from feeling so secure in the relationship. I think I know what you mean when you questioned Stewart about if you were just a convenience. I'm sure he loves you with all of his heart, part of showing that love for you is wanting to commit to you. Tell me just as soon as you offically become Mrs. Jonathan Stewart Brooks! LOVE THE NAME!
BTW: A nice romantic candle lit Christmas Eve wedding sure would be nice....
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