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Carol, don't be a lurker, we love hearing from you! I'm having a very difficult time staying motivated to stay OP too... I'm not feeling real well, so I want to humor myself with little treats and rich foods. Sounds like I better have a visit with Dr. Phil and see what my problem is! :-) Are you feeling better?

Vickster, same goes for you, we love hearing from you too! But...I guess your just wayyyyyyy toooooooo busy with MIL to spend time with us girls!!! LOL!

Shelley, I hope you can get a few ideas from the shower suggestions. I received an invitation yesterday that asked for the guest to bring the gift unwrapped, this way the bride to be could spend more time visiting. Personally, I like seeing all of the pretty and creative packages/wrappings people come up with.

Cheryl, did you have your fries last night? It sounds like Steve is your perfect match as a trainer. I'm sure it helps to have someone you click with, to motivate you. I'm going to be nosey here...tell me to mind my own business if you want...are you and Stewart still together? I know at one time you told him your feelings about the relationship, I just wondered if you two were still a couple.

Working on craft show stuff, a special order, laundry etc. today!
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