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Here is Carol the lurker.... I have been reading, but not posting. Sorry.

Gayle: Your doing great. One day off a week... I wish I could be so lucky. BTW Loved your ideas for the party!!

Sherry: Motivation... what is that.. If you find some, please, please, share!! I love your Frog!!! Did you ever find out about those arthritis meds that your Dad takes?? Thanks for thinking of me.

Cheryl: WTG... your doing wonderful. I bet you feel great too!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Dee: Congrats on your loss.... I think of you often and wonder how you survivor your ordeal. I pray for your speedy recovery after this next surgery!!! {{{Hugs}}}

Shelley: I hope everything works itself out at home.

Debbie: Hope is all on the upswing at your house. I pray daily that James will make a full and complete recovery and you can get back to living life to the fullest!!!! Love ya girl!!!

Have a great OP day to all my Floozie Friends!!!

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