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Hi everyone;

looks like I beat you all to the punch today.. up early and on the go.
Thanks for sharing Sweet Tooth, I tried atkins but found it hard.
I like ww because it lets me keep all the foods I usually have.

My problem is I have always eaten really healty...just too much.
WW helps me control the portions.

looking forward to today. Last night went to bed early to avoid the ketchen... reading a really good book.. Sue Townsend.. British author.. called " Number 10".

She was the Adrian Mole lady, but I didn't like that series.. I love her other works.. Rebuilding Coventry and The Queen and I.
really funny work.

She takes high up people and puts them in a commoner's life...
this latest is where the Prime Minister dresses in drag and goes out to find out what a commoner's life is like.

Well got to run.. have a counselling session waiting... If only I could help myself as I do others... I am trying.

Have a good day all... keep the faith.
"Heaven gives a glimpse to those,
who never get to look too close."
R. Frost

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