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You can do this...the WW basket proves that you should. Keep motivated, the weight will come off.

For me - I am on South Beach Diet. It isn't a low carb diet like Atkins, but I guess you could consider it a good carb diet. When I went for a medical last spring, the doctor suggested that I cut carbs and sugar from my diet and 'see what happens.' When I researched the low carb diets the three best recommended were Atkins, the Zone and South Beach Diet. I preferred the SBD because I felt it had more info on fats and carbs that I wanted to incorporate into my eating plan. By the way, when I went back to the dr. last September, he was amazed at the weight that I had lost and wanted to know how I had done it.

I was on WW about 3 years ago and found that, when I reached the weight that I am right now, I was constantly hungry. I found that I became obsessed with food to the point that I couldn't wait until meal/snack times. The other thing that I found cumbersome was writing everything down, realizing that I was out of points, then chastising myself for being so dumb...and missing a meal because I didn't have any point left.

This program is more suited to my lifestyle because I don't want to be logging everything I eat. I just know with this program what I can and can't eat, and have to take care with how it is prepared. I haven't experienced the same hunger as before, so it has been good to eat this way.

However, I also really feel that people should adopt the eating plan that suits them. I am not a big starch fan to start with, except for pasta. So, for me, it has not been a difficult transition. For others, who love their bread/potatoes/pasta/rice, etc., it is much more difficult. I just need to watch my fat and sugar intake. This is getting easier everyday.

How long have you been on WW? Do you find the support of the meetings good? Keep in touch.
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