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Hi Everyone;
I am so glad a new week is here... did not get off to a good start last week...
but this is a new week and come **** or high water I am going to get through this week writing everything down.

My husband was out of town this weekend and when he came home he said he won a basket draw. Turned out to be a Weight Watchers basket full of their things.. measuring spoons, cookbooks, journal bag, ww bars, ww candy, and even 3 work out videos..
Now that is devine intervention. It got my motivation right back on track.
So.. going to keep at it.

How is everyone else doing with losing? What kind of plans ( diet) are you all following..
Care to share again your successes, how long you have been at it, what motivates you etc...

Could really use the inspiration right now..
"Heaven gives a glimpse to those,
who never get to look too close."
R. Frost

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