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I thought I would sneak in early this morning and be the BRAT of the week. However, it looks like you are the BIGGEST BRAT of all, CJ.

This weekend was great. We finally had a chance to take DS (and my mom) out for their birthday dinners. They share the same birthday... My mom is in the first stages of dimentia, so I had been calling her all week to make sure that she knew that we were going to take her for dinner. I double checked on Saturday morning, to remind her, and she mentioned that someone had already called to ask her out that evening. Yes, it was me, so we set it up all over again. Then in the afternoon, she called to tell me that she wasn't feeling well, so wouldn't be coming. Sooooo, at 6:30 (the time we arranged to pick her up), she called to find out if we were coming yet. It is really sweet, but difficult to watch a parent age. My dad died when we were young and she was so strong and independent. Now is a different story when she needs the care a nurturing of a child.

Anyway, through the birthday weekend and, yes, I had a piiece of birthday cake, I only gained .4 pounds. That is remarkable, since I usually gain a couple on the weekends even when I am faithful to my eating program. It will be off by tonight - especially after what I am planning to eat today and the exercised I have planned.

Hopefully will hear from the specialist by tomorrow about the results of my biopsy. I have resigned myself to think that the results will be good and that I won't be rushing into anything major before Christmas.

We are trying to get our master bedroom renovated before Christmas. We are presently sleeping in one of our guest rooms - double bed and harder than heck - so it has not been completely pleasant. Although, it is next to the kitchen...

Hope everyone is having a great day and continues through the week. Congrats on the winnings CJ. I simply do not have the luck that you do. I have never won anything, let alone with the consistancy that you win. Hope you are well this week and enjoy the snow. It will be here for a while yet.
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