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Thanks everyone for being so friendly and welcoming!! I hope to check in here often and get some support and hopefully offer lots of support as well. I am basicly on the Atkins plan which has worked for me in the past but I try to stay away from all the fat. I drink two protein shakes a day (which does wonders for your nails ladies!!) and fill the rest with lean meats, tuna, salads and veggies. It seems like one bite of something wrong and there are two pounds back so I really need to watch everything. This used to not be such a problem but it seems since passing the 30 yr mark, metabolism is way down!

I hope to get to know you all on a more personal basis so I can reply to each of you as you are doing with each other.

SW 156
CW 153
GW by Dec 25! 145

Height 5'4"
Age 36
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