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I swear, I lose more posts here where Internet Explorer shuts down!!!! GRRRRR… Anyway to start all over again:

Shelbi, welcome!! 10 pounds or 100 it’s all the same kind of work requiring support, so we’re happy to have you! Also, it may be a while before several of us reach our goal weight, so if you don’t mind we can live vicariously through you…

SheriaVa… I added in 200-300 calories a day almost a week ago. I thought I was eating enough and thought I was getting about 1200 calories a day. I thought that if I needed more I would feel hungry (I never did--probably a clue), but after tracking in FitDay for a few days, I saw I was getting closer to 1000 calories (Oops!). So I added some high fiber cereal (frosted mini-wheats – a lot of sugar but I love ‘em!) and some milk or string cheese and it just started coming off. I exercise at least 5 times a week with 40 minute walks or using the ellipse for 20-25 minutes and had plateaued for nearly 3 weeks. It could have been just the end of the plateau, but I like that I’m eating more and losing. I am down another half pound today (hello 250’s!!). I know weeks like this rarely happen, so I’m just enjoying it, but hope to be back to 2 pounds a week next week. It’s funny, my stomach started growling again between meals after I started eating more. I guess I was “conserving.”

Nurse Janet … Thanks for the background! You are so right about the anorexic mentality being really messed up. I really wasn’t trying for that. I just was poorly estimating and counting too many calories for veggies. There’s really not much to veggies calorie-wise. Off topic, do you know there are websites where anorexics instruct others on how to be “good anorexics?” Dreadful. There was an article one time on CNN and they gave the address of one of the sites. Some of the most disturbing stuff I’ve ever read. Those poor people.

Kathy… I wish you a speedy recovery! Good luck with the WW points change. I’m not familiar with the Core program. In a nutshell, what makes it different from the points plan? Do you go to meetings? And thanks for the "bravo!"

Okay, gals. Have a lovely Thursday!
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