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Welcome, Shelbi! Don't worry about "only" having 10 pounds to lose, we are all in different places right now. Any amount of weight to lose is significant. And you've come to the right place. The only children we talk about are of the four legged variety.

Thanks for finding us a new home, SheriVa. I went to the old thread to catch up on any postings I may have missed, but didn't have any problem finding the new one. That was my major worry.

SkinnyBoPeep - isn't it fun that you get to eat more and still lose weight? And now you have semi-scientific proof that you can cut back calories too far. Okay, here's the nurse in me going into lecture mode: Your body goes into starvation mode and your metabolism drops to conserve body weight (believed to be an evolutionary mechanism - when food is plenty people would eat more than they need and lay down fat stores. When the food gets scarce, and intake drops, the body goes on alert and slows metabolism to preserve life). The anorexics get away with it because their caloric intake is less than the calories they burn just by being alive. I used to think it wouldn't be so bad to be anorexic, then I'd finally be thin. But then when I was in nursing school I was assigned to work on an eating disorder unit as part of my psychiatric rotation and those girls were messed up, inside and out. Keep eating enough and exercising and you will get there.

Kathy - I'm the same with the Core Program. I am not at a point in my weightloss journey to be able to stop when I am satisfied. Plus, alot of the things I like best aren't on core and I would use up my points WAY too soon. Points has worked for me so far so I don't want to mess with it.

As for me, I am starting week 11 tomorrow. My goal is to get up early and walk on the treadmill &/or eliptical machine before work. Since daylight savings time ended, it gets dark here way too early. And that way I don't have to waste energy all day trying to come up with an excuse to not exercise, then waste energy talking myself back into exercising. It's a sick, twisted little game I play that really needs to end.

"Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you" - Emerson

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