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hi singles! well, i made it thru the appointments this morning. i actually woke up 15mins before the alarm. i got back home at 10:15 and went back to sleep till 12:30 so i don't fell so bad. i won't know the results from the mri for a couple days at least. the sooner the better so the dr. can figure out what's wrong. my back doesn't feel too bad today so it must have been that recumbent bike that flared it up.

shreriava - thanks for the new thread. it sure makes things easier.

skinnybopeep - congrats on that 2.5 gone 4 ever! that 250 range better watch out, because you're gonna whip thru there so fast they won't even know you visited!

i'm gonna try to start counting points again for WW. i think i need a little more discipline than the core plan can give me right now. i might switch to that when i get more control. it's always worked for me in the past. i would be much happier if i could get to exercising again. hopefully soon!

well, have to get ready for work! have a good afternoon!
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