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Originally Posted by SkinnyBoPeep
I'm now down 25 pounds!!! 250's here I come! The key was actually adding some calories. I never believed the whole "starvation mode" thing, thinking that if that were true that anorexics would be out of business, but I guess it is possible. I thought I was eating more calories than I was, but was coming in consistently below 1200 (checked on FitDay). So I added more and since have dropped 2.5 pounds.
That's AWESOME! Congratulations! May I ask how long it took for you to lose the 2.5 pounds after you started adding calories? I started a week ago yesterday adding a little more calories and fat and my weight hasn't changed much...I'm a little down one day, a little up the next...the usual for me. I'm going to try to stay the course for another week and see how it goes.
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