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i agree,.. Some people just arent religious and some churches are just corrupt as some of the govermental practices.

I'm not sure about the SS stuff. I guess it depends on the case really. I have had people inthe past tell me "you could get disability because you are so overweight. it would help you with all your bills" it always offended me in a way. I know that my weight hinders most everything I do, but I do not want to be considered disabled because I am fat. its not like I cant lose weight? (although it is really hard) Plus, I have heard how demeaning and virtually impossible it is to go through everything you have to do to even get approved for the benefits. My mom told me that nobody gets accepted on the first try. That seems harsh,.. what if you were really disabled and needed that money? Also I heard on the radio the other night that the reason age 65 was chosen for social security, was at the time, the life expectancy was 63 and they didnt anticipate alot of people that would have to file for it. A bit morbid eh?
Guess I'm restarting!

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