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Some of you I've known a long time and you may not know or realize how conservative I am. But since the question was asked on my thoughts - I want to give them. but be warned..

I am against federal gov't assistance - in all forms. No exceptions. I am also against social security. It is not the gov't's job to teach me to save my own money.

I know what you are going say.. what about those disabled people that can't work? I believe those people should be helped out my their church- not their gov't. One of the many reasons I believe this is because our (US and Canada) gov't are terrible wasters. For every $1 I give them only about 25 cents goes to the cause the program was created for. With religious organizations (including my church) 100% of what I give helps out not only the members of my church but also the members of my community.

My husband would be more then happy to give up any money he has "saved" in social security to no longer pay into it. I can make more money by putting in a general savings account. The gov't can't say that. Our money that was given into "our" fund went to pay for my father in law's last social security cheque.

As for smokers, drug users, over eaters (like ourselves) we all know what we are doing to our bodies... sure, it's hard not to stay away from the foods we love. But is our gov't responsible for our lack of self control?


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