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I usually don't post in this forum, but I feel like I have to chime in. I'm an attorney who practices Social Security Disability Law. Disabilty benefits are not granted for obesity alone. The claimant has to have other conditions that are considered severe, and obestity can be considered as a factor that makes that condition or conditions worse.

Further, for 97% of claimants, the application process is long (upwards of 2.5 years) and often humiliating. Many Administrative Law Judges are skeptical to say the least.

Granted, there are bad apples out there, but the majority of people who come thorugh my office would rather be working.

On a side comment that Funniegirl brought up, legally, someone who disabled soley due to alcholism or drug addiction is not entitled to disability benefits. It's an entirely different story if you are sick and unable to work and then become an alcoholic because you're depressed. Yeah, I know, everyone knows someone who's a crack head and on SSDIB. My response is appearances can be decieving and you have to walk a mile...

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