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It sounds like maybe you should take a breather. Go somewhere by yourself and just exist and process all that has happened. Sometimes we get going, going, going and giving, giving, giving that we forget to take time for our selves. It doesn't even have to be a grand day at the spa or anything. When I feel overwhelmed, sometimes even just going and doing something I really enjoy like getting a manicure or reading a really good book will draw me back from the cliff of insanity.

And the saggy skin thing. Ugh! I am not looking forward to dealing with that either. I read somewhere about using vitamin e to restore the skin's elasticity. I don't know if I start using it now if it will help prevent the sagging skin. I also went to a lecture, a few years ago, about the prevalance of dehydration and the importance of drinking water. The lecturer said drinking a lot of water will also help boost the skin's resiliency. *shrug* It cant hurt to try I guess. I really don't want to resort to surgery. I feel like I've abused my body enough and that would just add insult to injury.
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