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Hi Dharmaspell!

I was reading your post about the 187 pounds you want to lose, and I was thinking your approach of looking at ounces sounds good! Also, don't think about the 187 either. While that's the final goal, there is so much to look forward to along the way. Imagine how much better you will feel at 300, then consider how much more of a spring you'll have in your step after 50 pounds are gone. Think about how cool it will be when you get into the "2's", then think about the cuter clothes you'll be able to fit into even at 250, and so on. Every pound is an accomplishment to be celebrated; each one an example of what you are capable of when you put your mind to it. And all of the milestones you pass along the way you'll find are just as meaningful and exciting as your destination...

Best of luck! We're all rooting for you!
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