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Originally Posted by cherh
Dr Jamie McMannus "Personal Guide to Wellness" and Dr David Heber "The L.A.Shape Diet" both reccomend meal replacement shakes and supplements for weightloss. They have many proven studies from UCLA Center for Human Dutrition that they are safe and effective

This is a bit of a generalization. Some meal replacement shakes and some supplements are safe, some are not. Taking milk thristle to help your liver in fat metabolism and taking Hydroxycut are not the same thing.

I do take some supplements, mainly liver support herbs and aminoacids, as well as essential fatty acids and a multi, but I steer clear of all those "fat burners". I once read this sentence, that really stuck with me: "In your quest to lose weight, you'll have to give up some things. Your health shoulnd't be one of them". Amen!

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