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I take the One-A-Day Weight Loss formula. (Actually, I take the Kroger version of the One-A-Day Weight Loss formula.) I take this NOT because I think it has anything magic in it to help weight loss, but because it's a good basic multi that uses 100% beta carotene as the Vitamin A. Your body converts beta carotene to get the Vitamin A it needs -- this is how we get Vitamin A from fruits & vegetables. Any unneeded beta carotene is elminated. True Vitamin A, which is what's in most inexpensive multis, is animal-derived. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that if your body doesn't use all of this Vitamin A, it can't be elminated. Excess stored Vitamin A can lead to toxicity problems. So ... I always look for multis that have 100% beta carotene instead of true Vitamin A.
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