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Hair loss can be a symptom of a LOT of different things. Hormonal changes are a biggie, and that can include thyroid issues, polycystic ovary syndrome, menopause, and many more. Or, it can be a deficiency, but if you have enough protein and fat in your diet and you take a good basic multi, you're probably covered there. Naturally, medications can cause hair loss.

It's worthwhile to bring this up with your doctor, just in case it is something that warrants further investigation. HOWEVER, any time your body goes through a shock, it can drop hair. Weight loss is DEFINITELY a shock to the system, even if you are perfectly well-nourished and nothing else is wrong. I dropped a lot of hair about the time I had lost 40 pounds. It started to grow back immediately, but I lost a lot again around the 80-pound mark, and again around 120. How my body knows it's lost 40 more pounds is a mystery to me. The good news is it always grows back. Now every hair on my head is a different length, but ... it's the cost of doing business, I guess.
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