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Hi Everyone!

Jo! Congrats on your lower test numbers and your sustained loss. And Kudos for your Uni recognition...they wouldn't ask you if they didn't think you could do a great job! Bravo!

Nichola, Brandy...big hugs and bouquets for keeping this thread alive. I am so bad for forgetting to check and being away for weeks at a time. Here's to staying in touch.

I joined Curves (a women's workout chain) and have been going pretty regularly. I'm going to start working in better food choices now. I've pretty much determined that PLANNING (and I'm SURE I've said this before ) is going to make or break my success. A goal is a dream with a plan right? So I've grabbed my binder and am determined to plan well enough that I can't make excuses for my eating.

I have a wedding to go to this weekend. I plan on having a GREAT time. We've even booked a room at the hotel that it's taking place at and we'll be stumbling home. I'm going to enjoy it and then keep on keeping on.

Hope you girls are all healthy and happy. Talke to you again SOON!

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