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Thanks Meg! Though I was only there a week, we will be moving much closer next month. We'll just live 8 hours away, so I'll get to see her more often. And I think it's seeing me that motivated her this time. I'm just worried that the family will unmotivate her. So by being closer, getting to see each other more often, maybe it will keep her motivated.

She's so self-conscious now about her weight that although she really wanted a set of those videos (I'd taken one with me to work out to daily while I was down there), she won't do it in front of anyone. So she tries to get up before anyone else does and do it. She also has a lot of health problems which keeps her down. The biggest problem is that she's had surgery on her knee a couple years ago. Now she has cysts forming on her knees. And some of the medications they've had her on for various medical problems also added to her weight problem.

I know if my mom does her like she did me, she's going to have a time of it. I had open heart surgery as a child and mom wouldn't let me do anything. If my face got a little red (since I was white as a sheet anyway) from activity, she'd make me sit down. And she's the great guilt tripper if you try to do anything she sees as self-serving. Taking time for yourself to exercise is a no no. Not wanting to go out to eat with the family means something's obviously wrong with you. She'll say one time won't hurt, but her one times turn into 5 days a week time.

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