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No-you can't spot "reduce" but you can spot change through strength training. A weak arm or abdominal area looks totally different than one that is strong and contoured through strength training. To improve your shape you really should do strength training of some sort-weights, ab exercises, Pilates, lower body exercises using body weight as resistance like squats and lunges, etc.

They are not saying that strength training doesn't do anything-what they are saying is-you can have the strongest and most ripped ab muscles in the world through strength training-but if you are 220 pounds-you have a large fat layer on top of them and you aren't going to be able to see it-so you need to lose the body fat as well.

You have to lose weight and body fat through diet and cardio exercise...but it is just as important to do strength training and do the weights and ab exercises-because when you get down to a smaller weight those muscles are going to start to show through.

A combination of strength exercises and cardio and diet together are what is going to do it. I do cardio 4 days a week (walking and I dance professionally) and I strength train 3 days a week pretty intensely. I started strength training from day 1 of my new lifestyle-and even though I couldn't see the strength and the contours from it when I was still very overweight-I kept with it. Now that I am getting smaller and have less body fat...I have some great contour lines in my abdominals, shoulders, and biceps.

Yeah-cardio may get rid of the body fat and help with all over weight loss-but the only way to get the ripped abs or capped shoulders and toned triceps is through strength training of some sort.

A lot of people are more attracted to cardio because it burns more calories while you are doing it-much more than strength training-so it really aids with weight loss. BUT-someone who strength trains regularly has a faster metabolism than someone who does not-because having more muscle causes your body to burn more calories just to maintain it throughout the entire day. So...cardio burns more now...strength training burns more continually. For the best benefits do BOTH.

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