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I wanted to do some more research on the topic - here are a few web pages that I found:

here is a quote I found:
Running vs. walking
By most calculations, you burn more calories by running than by walking, but consider these variables when deciding which activity best suits you:

A 150-pound person who runs 6 mph for an hour uses about 720 calories. Walking at 4 mph for 90 minutes would use 486 calories. The total used, and the proportion of fat calories to carbohydrate calories used, depends on the time spent exercising, the intensity and your body's condition. Exercising at a lower intensity burns more fat; higher intensity burns more carbs.

Racewalking can be more strenuous than running, because when you racewalk you have to make an effort to stay in an "earthbound walk" and not break into a loping run. Another factor is time: If you are more likely to take a long, brisk walk than a short, fast run, you may end up ahead of the game over the weeks and months at a lower level of intensity.

But, I also learned that apparently it is pretty controversial. SOOO, I don't know for sure.


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