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i don't think that's right. the harder your body works the more calories you burn, which is the bottom line. jogging burns about 3 times more cals than walking. the confusion comes from the fact that you burn a higher percentage of fat walking than jogging but since you burn more cals jogging the actual amount of fat burned during jogging is more. furthermore most of the benefits from exercise happen after it's over. you spead up your metabolism and your resting heart decreases. you burn more fat, your excess fuel, the more fit you are. if you don't jog, walk and then work up to it slowly so that you don't hurt yourself. you shouldn't be exerting yourself walking, jogging or otherwise to the point where you can't breathe properly. although doing short sprints followed by a recovery period (high intensity interval training, HIIT) and going into the anaerobic zone will actually increase your fitness more quickly.
if your joints hurt try cycling, the elliptical and crosstraining machines.

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