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This has NOT been a good week for me - diet wise. I was out for lund with one of our vendors last Friday and ate a piece of banana bread with my salad. That was the first faus pas.

Then, on Sunday, DH and I went to a tea where I had planned on eating only OP foods. Well, unbeknown to me, there were Norwegian treats at the tea. Since that is part of my heritage, and I haven't had some of those foods since I was very young, I indulged more that intended. THEN, today the staff had a surprise birthday cake for me.

I have continued to exercise through all of this and hope that the damage is minimal. But by the looks of the scale this morning, the damage is catching up to me. I was up a pound this morning and will probably be up more tomorrow. I am truly starting on Phase 1 of SBD tomorrow and gonna make sure that I am back on track by next week.

Hope everything is goin well for you CJ and I am proud of you not getting into the cupboard. If the desire hits again, have some sugar free jello, or a cheese stick. That will help with the cravings. Keep it up, you can do it this time.
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