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Ok, somebody kick me, please. I haven't done anything all day except read news, post here, watch a little news and Montel. It was a good one on cheating husbands. Maury is gone from the line up. Anyone know what's up with that? Maybe he ran out of free paternity tests.... I need to get jump started. I have so many things I could be doing but stayed up too late and have no motivation yet. Coffee is gone and need to get started on my water. Almost snack time so I'll grab a Slim Fast for that.

Thank you all for the s and s on my loss. I also had dh help me measure since he helped 2 weeks ago. I decided to weigh weekly and measure every 2 weeks. I lost one inch from my hips, so that was encouraging.

Spryng: I totally understand about Thursday. Don't worry, I will let you know next time we will be coming out that way so maybe we can meet for a non-fattening lunch somewhere. Also, after this trip I will know where I'm going so I will be able to make the trip by myself if I want to. I never ran the idea by dh, just figured he is pretty easy going and wouldn't mind, but wanted to find out from you first......I'm not really on a plan, just limiting calories, drinking lots of water and excercising. It seems to be working so I'm not gonna try to fix what isn't broken .

Michelle: Slow down girl and get some rest. We miss you.

Leigh: I will be thinking about dh while he is covering the hurricane. I'm sure they will keep him safe.

Penny: Stay safe. Keep in touch with us and let us know you are alright.

Where's Jill, Jaymi, Ricci, Kristin, Julie, Geri and everyone else this morning ?

I'm going to try and get something started around here. Only thing I need to go out for is milk and that can wait til later. Breakfast is over.


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