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Default Hey Friends

Just dropped in to say hi before I go to the doc for my biopsy today...Christian's surgery is tomorrow, so thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. I am so nervous for him, and so worried about him. On top of everything, I feel like I am coming down with a cold or something. Not fair!!! I just got back from taking Hope to the doc and she STILL has the ear infection! 3rd round of meds for her. She also has some strange form of eczema on her hands and has meds and gloves for it, this should be interesting. Not fair again.

WTG Deana! I am jealous! What plan are you on? prayers are with you.

Crystal...I hope things get better for you soon somehow! Remember your faith and rise above it, girl! You can do it, with God all things are possible...even beating those wild hormones of pregnancy!!

Leigh...praying that dh stays safe and for peace for you while he is there!

Hey Spryng...Hope you feel better soon!

Hello to the rest of you, I will be back later. Trying to clean before I go, incase I don't feel like it afterwards...wish me luck!

Love ya!!
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