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Morning, gals I'm a little freaked out because DH is and will be in Mobile, AL during the hurricane. He'll be stayingg at the emergency operations center, which should be safe, but it's still nervewracking. I'm also worried about Penny . . .

First, Michelle, ((hugs)) to you. I know you were sending so many prayers to Allie. She is at peace now.

Crystal- oh, I can't wait for your next ultrasound When i checked out with my Avon purchase, there was a place to put in the phone number of an Avon rep. I put your number in, so I hope it works and you get credit for the sale. Hope you're feeling better today. Have you told your mom and sis about your desires/dreams?

Spryng- I'm positive things will straighten out once TOM leaves. I can't wait to see pics of Tanner's hair cut. I eat worse when DH is home too. Well, unless DH is in one of his healthy stages.

Geri- we've missed you! Sounds like you had a great, if not somewhat exhausting trip.

Deana- on the great loss!!

Penny- I'm really freaked out about you and your family. But it does look like it's going slightly Northwest, so you'll probably be okay. But better safe than sorry. As for skincare, the stretch mark stuff is also part of my new routine LOL. I spent all this money on Strivectin lotion for that, but then never had the time to use it. Luckily it's still good, so I'm adding it to my new "be good to myself" routine.

Jill- glad you enjoyed Oprah. She made TV history by giving the cars away.

QOTD:My parents were good parents - well, mainly my mother since my father wasn't really that involved in what was going on. My mother made all decisions LOL. My mother was very open and honest about ALL things. I did like that, and that's probably one reason I was not boy crazy and held off on sex until I was definitely an adult. The one thing I consciously do differently is that my parents were not happily married and there was constant arguing. A lot of times, I was put in the middle, and that's not fair to a child. I would never, ever do that. If I disagree with something DH is doing, or vice-versa, that's something we discuss out of Liam's presence. And in terms of decisions or disciplinary issues, DH and I will always prsent a unified front. For example, if DH told Liam he couldn't have ice cream, and I disagreed with that , I wouldn't say to Liam:"Oh, it's okay, you can have some anyway." I would support that, but talk to DH about it later on, when we were alone.

Well, that was long-winded!! LOL. Okay, today is deep cleaning plus some errands, so I may not be back on until late afternoon . . .
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