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Good morning all!

I am tired and nausious (sp?) this morning. I know it's the BC pills.... yuck. I have alot to get done today so I hope it passes soon.
So planned for today is cleaning, have to run to the bank and go get a few groceries. And more cleaning, lol.
I guess I have the QOTD today so let me think: When it comes to raising your kids are you like your parents or did you decide to go a different way and why?
my answer: My childhood wasn't the best so I learned from alot of the mistakes my parents made with me and my siblings. I did like that they were very open about sexuality and such growing up so that I was never too curious to sleep around or anything (virgin on my wedding night, lol) and the same with drugs and alcohol... my dad was a lost hippie, lol... has long hair and tattoos and bandanas and both of my parents were drug dealers for years as I was growing up and then when I was around 8-9 yrs old they quit for us, and themselves too I'm sure. But alot of things I changed with my own kids. Like my parents were never really hands on parents and I want to be a fun parents along with a strict one (not too strict, lol) I also want my kids to be their age and not make them grow up faster than needed as my mom forced on me. So for the most part my childrearing is much different than how I was raised.. only a few tidbits I have kept. I could go on and on about this, lol but I won't bore you.

Well I am sorry to hear about Allie. I didn't really know what was going on so I checked out the web site this morning. Too sad. I'll be thinking about her family today.

Penny, I hope you and your family are going to be safe! Are they talking about evacuation yet? I thought they still weren't sure where the hurricane was going to hit. But I haven't seen the news today.

Deana congrats on those 3#'s!!! That is fantastic!! Remind me again what plan you are on? And I won't be able to meet you this thursday... I forgot that I have to be in springdale on fri or saturday and all that driving will do me under, lol. But when you know the next time you will be there let me know and we'll plan something ok?

Crystal, congrats on hitting your half way mark!!!! You will be done before you know it! and I am a good listener so I'm glad you updated me on what is going on with you. I thought your dh had decided not to build also and that he was thinking about another business venture? I guess he changed his mind again huh? How is your sisters pregnancy going? Did she get that bladder infection under control?

Well I guess I better get off here and start getting around. i think I would feel better if I just made myself puke, lol... which I won't do.
Jill, we still up for that water challenge today?


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