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I returned to post that I didn't think I'd adequately explained that it might make sense to develop corresponding body parts to visually balance the parts you'd like to de-emphasize, ie. large waist --- add definition and muscle to shoulders. But really, I was trying to make exactly the points that funniegrrl did so beautifully. I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but this theory just doesn't add up. It's simple: lose fat, work the largest muscles to gain the greatest benefit, substitute muscle for fat (since it occupies less space and increases your metabolism,) and develop alternative areas for visual balance.

Can you imagine telling someone with a big butt not to work the muscles of that butt because that's the largest part?? There are just so many folks out there trying to (and succeeding!) make money off our unhappiness with our imperfect bodies. But the answers are simple, and they weren't just thought of this morning by some guy who wants to sell a book.
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