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Thumbs up Share UR ESH Sept 13-19: Weekly Thread

Sept 12 from "God Calling"
The eye of the soul is the will. If your one desire is My Kingdom, to find that Kingdom, then truly shall your whole body be full of light.
When you are told to seek first the Kingdom of God, the first step is to secure your will is for that Kingdom. A single eye to your HP.....Know no values but Spiritual values. No profit but that of Spiritual gain. Seek in all things HP first...............Walk with Me. Talk to Me. Here lies your true happiness.

The Lesson of Centering
Too many bright colors
Can blind your eyes.
Too much sound deafen your ears
Too much spice
Can burn your tongue.
Wanting more
Can drive us crazy.
Therefore the Tao woman
Rejects excess.
Turns from the Externals.
Embraces the inner wisdom- Tao 12

I just wanted to get the weekly thread started with some things to think about. Being thinking alot about centering and living in the moment. My brain always wants to jump 10 steps ahead of itself and when I am doing that am I really seeking HP's counsel. If I can turn over the food what other things may I turn over that our driving me out of the present today?

Gratitude List to Start Off the Week:
1. My relationship with HP
2. My family, friends, and co-workers. In fact most the people Iknow are lovely.
3. Tea and crackers for upset stomachs.
4. Poetry to stir the passions of the heart.
5. Love in all its many forms.
6. My job as it is.
7. The sound of a friends voice that is glad to hear from you.
8. A new day to begin.
9. Toliets that flush, antibiotics, and indoor plumbing for hot baths.
10. That I can read and write and all those people who write stuff for me to read.
11. Music of all types. Be grateful thatI can hear.
12. The pink of the sky when the sun is rising.
13. Holding hands.
14. Food that nourishes me.
15. Dreams that can come true.

U ALL! Check in and I will be back to say howdy!
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