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I just want to welcome you! I'm not just starting out, but I started out pretty much like you. I'm doing this for my daughters more than for myself. I don't want them to have to struggle to learn about nutrition the way I did!

The onlyl real bit of advice I have for you is to get rid of all the junk food in your hourse. Don't give yourself the excuse that you're keeping it around for your husband. He doesn't need it either! Read labels. Don't buy much (if any) processed foods. Your waistline and your pocketbook will both thank you in the end. Trust me, it doesn't take that much more time to slice a steak & stir-fry it with some frozen veggies than it does to make Hamburger Helper!

You know, when I was first starting out, I started out by strapping my daughter (maybe a month or two old at the time) to my chest and walking around the park. Put your daughter in her stroller, and take a walk. You will feel much better for the sunshine. If you take her to the park, you can get in quite a workout chasing her around the jungle gym! I've done that a lot. (Pushing her in a swing is also great for the arms. )

If you make exercise into play-time, it won't seem like such work. Those elderly mall-walkers have a good idea, you know? Walk around in air conditioning and window-shop. Stuff like that.

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