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Hiya! Like you didn't know I'd be here. (Jennifer, did you totally design this avatar for me, the gothy one, or what?! haha!)

So here's the whole goal list and whatnot.


Drink more water (I've been slacking on this).
Deep-fried ick is only allowed ONCE per week, Lucy.
Take my vitamins (and extra calcium) every day.
Eat more fruits & veggies.

Workout goals:

20 min ellipitical, level 8 resistance, w/ ankle weights, 4x per week.
200 uber-intense situps, 5x per week.
20 butt squeezes every day.
20 squats every day WITH WEIGHTS.
One-mile walks with the dog & hubby at least 2x per week, weather permitting.

So the jist of it is to lose around 10 lbs (anything is fine with me, though), and have a flatter stomach.

Issues that will bug me: It's now September in Seattle. Sure, it'll be hot for another few weeks, and then the drizzle starts again and it gets cold and all I want to do is sit down with a big cup of hot cider and read a book, snuggle with my kitties.

Also, welcome to all the new chickies!! Glad we have some new folks around here. Woohoo!

Julie -- that chicken/rice dish is very helpful. *hug* YOU ROCK. The husband eats vegetables now!! OMG!!

Jennifer -- I'm so glad you guys are doing okay after the latest icky storm. I'm glad you're back around, too!

Jay -- Hey girl! You better be in on this one, I tell you what!! I miss ya! *hugs*

Everybody else -- Sorry I missed ya! I'll try to update more than once every other week this time. *sheepish grin* Been busy! Hope you're all having an awesome dya, and I'm proud of you all!! YAAAY!!
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