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Happy Labor Day, Ladies,

Marti - glad your blood pressure is under control... Neal's is too, finally, after about 4 different meds. It was hard to find one that would lower it without making him like a zombie. Good idea about the paintings! Your grandma would be proud of you.

Mindee - here's hoping you have the best, romantic day ever with Tommy! Let us know how it went.

Julie - well, I did lose 2 1/2 pounds with Core, but am so glad to get back to Flex. Sheesh, your day today sounds awfully "laborish" lol. Hope you get some time to just relax.

Cristi - I was just about to send out the posse to look for you, Missy, lol. Have a good day! Any special plans?

Angie - well your trip sounds really fun and eventful, and it made me tired just reading about it! What was wrong with the food? I had to laugh when you mentioned you had issues with the guide in Havanna. I bet you were really glad to get back home and see Skittles. Even if he is terribly spoiled now, lol. Yep, we want photos!

Katy - good luck with weigh in today! You worked hard, and I hope you have a nice loss - you deserve it!

Jen - how's the cat? I've been thinking about you, and wishing there was something I could do.

Shanna - hope you're enjoying your "vacation"! Are you going to post your scrapbook pages?

Susan - what's new with you? Hope you're having a good weekend.

Sue - how're things up in your neck of the woods?

Katiecat - how's the family? Good think you're going to Disneyland and not Walt Disney World... the rumor is they have had some major damage. Hope it's all back to normal soon.

Kathy(luckycharm) - hope you're having a great weekend... pop in and say hi when you have time.

Hi to any Jaded Ladies I may have missed.

Well, you won't believe it, but I'm going to the funeral home again. This time, it's not someone too close to me, though. It's my son's biological paternal uncle. I have stayed close to my ex's family, and just love my ex MIL. She is a sweetie and I hate to see her in pain from the death of her son. I'll be going down to Evansville with my DS for the viewing.

I'm feeling a lot better today, and will try to be back later. Gotta get my hair color ...uh.... refreshed!
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