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Sunny, Glad to hear you're off to a better start today... I was certainly worried about you yesterday. Good for you for snugglin' up with a hot mug of tea and a warm cozy blanket... that's the best thing you could do for yourself is to take it easy and recoup! That's definitely good news about Joe's sleep study... and I'm glad that he's able to sleep better now. Thanks again for the birthday wishes... it certainly means a lot! I'll be sure to post pictures after we return Monday night.

Cathy, Thanks to you as well for the happy birthday wishes! But I'm definitely sorry to hear of all the loss you've suffered recently. You have my deepest sympathy. A marriage which lasts as long as your grandparent's did really helps to make the world go 'round, doesn't it? It's a truly beautiful thing to be witness to. My grandparents will be celebrating their 61st anniversary this year and while Nana is in a care facility now (she has dementia), the love they possess for each other is still so evident to everyone who comes in contact with them. I hope with all the recent events you are doing ok. I'm most definitely thinking of you and your family.

Amy, Let me be the first to welcome you to this thread... you've found a great bunch of ladies here! They're all so caring and supportive... and more than once, they've helped to pick me up, dust me off, and send me on my way again. I'm sorry to hear that you've hurt your lower back, I sure hope you feel better soon! Best of luck in your monthly goals... we'll all be here cheering you on... every step of the way!

Well this will be my last post until Tues morning as I still have a million things to do to prep for our weekend away. But I hope you all have a wonderful weekend... keep on smilin' girls! Take care of yourselves...!

Back at it... again!
Goals this week:
-Eat entirely OP
-Exercise 30min x3
-Drink water! water! water!
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