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LC, glad to see you...those wee ones can really take all your time! But just think...soon you'll have one day off a week!

Ruth: those puppies have you wrapped around their paws, huh? That's okay...mine does too. Did you get the hours upped for Harry after all? That's great! Enjoy your afternoon off!

Mama, at least the critter has good breath! Do you make pesto with parsley? I usually make mine with basil...which reminds me...the farmer's market is this afternoon...wonder if I could convince my lunch dates to stop for a minute so I can pick some up? Enjoy your market...aren't they fun?

Sheila, stay on the OP wagon today and stay away from those chips! Hope it's a great day!

Lauren, glad you've joined the daily! I loved my prep time, too. Helps you get ready. Check out the PB cup, Stuffed Chicken, Taco Bake, and Almond Dijon Chicken in the forums. They are all Phase 1 safe and very yummy!

Heidi, I know how you feel. I went on a no-media diet two years ago and it has helped me immensely. I don't watch the news, read the newspaper, or listen to the news on the radio. My mother is appalled and thinks it's awful to be uninformed. The thing many horrible things are happening in the world and there is little I can do to change it, so I really get upset and that does nothing for anyone. If the event is really important, someone mentions it to me and I know. Otherwise, I don't, and that's great. In the meantime, I signed up for alerts and other e-mails from political groups I believe in, and so I'm able to do little things for change, like write e-mails, send faxes, etc. I'll be praying for the Russians and hope things turn out well.

Barb, I'm so proud of you for your OP actions last night and your success with your health! I know your doctor will be, too! YGG!


I'm sure there will be ten posts by the time this gets on the board...I am sorry for everyone I missed!

I have been dealing with great fatigue for about 2 years now. I'm talking bone weariness. I have a bunch of other health issues (oy!), and I wasn't sure if it was related to those or to my high weight. About four months ago, my doctor ran bloodwork and found I was anemic. I've been on iron since, and I'm back to normal, but I still am very tired. The doctor then ran tests for Lyme and Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV, causes Mono) and the EBV came back positive. It shows that I was not exposed recently. Rather, I have a raging case of the antigens in my blood and my body is producing antibodies to deal with it. EBV is common, with 95% of the population getting it in their lifetime. 1 out of 4 gets Mono without knowing, and I'm obviously one of those, as I never knew. Anyways, one of the tests that came back convinced my doctor that I have Chronic EBV a.k.a. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. <groan>

I am so bummed! There is not only no cure for this, but the disease gets little to no respect from others. It's not like I can say, "I have ___" and people will understand. I'm heading for an extremely full year with over full time work, full time school, DH and home, three pets, trying to exercise and making SBD meals. It's going to be tough! I guess I'm just going to have to take it easy when I get really exhausted and deal with it. I hate feeling so weary that I'm afraid I can't finish the day. And I want to keep exercising as hard as I am and even harder...but I'm going to have to accept that some days that's not going to happen. I'm determined not to let this be an excuse to get off plan or change this WOE...I know this is the best thing I could do for my health, for now and for the future. :

I finished the baby quilt last night and it looks really nice! I did a great cardio workout on the elliptical yesterday...longer than I've ever done before, and even harder! I found that I was instinctively squeezing my abs while on the elliptical and today they actually hurt! A friend of mine mentioned that she read an article saying those that do cardio workouts, like cycling, actually have good abs as a result of them. Interesting!

Yesterday was a good OP day, though I tried the lemon basil bean bowl and was unimpressed. I don't think I like the consistency of lima beans. They are just a bit odd. We had the "Souffle" Stuffed Chicken for dinner, and though they are a bit of work, and I forgot the sauce, they were really good and worth it! We had the Nutty Summer Squash with Asiago Cheese too, and it was okay, but lacking in flavor. I think next time I would use blue cheese for the cheese and maybe more seasonings while they are cooking. But you really can't spoil zucchini and summer's soooo good!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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